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Marbles knives are made in Gladstone, Michigan, and the company has been producing knives from their facility since the late 1800s. The company continues to make a wide variety of different knives, from classic hunting knives to modern folding knives. This article will explore the history of Marbles knives and take a closer look at how they are.

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Marbles knives were made in Gladstone, Michigan starting in the late 1890's. Although their use of pinned stag slabs are second to none, they are most known for popularizing stacked leather washers in the handles. As a young man in northern Michigan, Webster L. Marble gained an appreciation for the outdoors as a timber cruiser and surveyor..

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Marbles Fixed Blade Knives: Ideal for outdoor chores, fishing, hunting, camping, and trekking, the fixed blade knives are capable of carrying out a range of tasks. The category features a collection of machetes, bowie fixed blade knives, skinning knives, and hunting knives. Based on the model, Marbles Fixed Blade Knives come equipped with satin.

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Add To Cart. MR168 Marbles Fly Fisherman Knife. This fixed blade knife is 3 7/8" closed. Stainless clip blade, file with hook remover, scissors, ruler, punch and shackle. Polished stainless handles with fly fisherman artwork Made in China. $8.53. In Stock. Add To Cart. MR302 Marbles Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Stacked Leather.

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Marbles USA Stag/Stag Trailmaker Fixed Blade Sheath Knife in Box c.2008 - 1 of 131. Marbles USA Stag/Stag Trailmaker Fixed Blade Sheath Knife in Box - Marble Plus Knife Club c.2008 - 1 of 131 - Stag Handle - No Cracks - Brass Guard - Stag Pommel - Very Nice Unused Condition in. 1 In Stock. Item # 87202. $500.00.

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Marbles Knives. Buy Marbles knives for sale. Large selection of Marbles knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, machetes, Bowie knife sheaths, paracord, and more by Marbles Knives. The Marbles Knives are one of the most reliable tools that are specifically designed to give user confidence in the most demanding situations.

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Marbles. Whether it is knives, paracord, tool cards or axes, here at Heinnie Haynes offer a variety of Marbles Knives. Visit online to find the huge range that we offer. Marbles Folding Blade Knives. Marbles UK Friendly Carry Knives.

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CASE KNIVES. High quality, extremely collectible handmade knives since the 1800s. SHOP CASE KNIVES. KNIVES FOLDING KNIVES; FIXED KNIVES; AUTOMATIC KNIVES. Marbles. Marble's Folding Hunter Imitation Stag Handles 440A Stainless Ste. MSRP: $19.99 Was.

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MR453 / EG-734 by Marbles Outdoors Knives. $37.48 $22.49. Ships Fast. Add to Basket. 4.25" overall. View all Marbles Fixed Blade Knives. List all Marbles Fixed Blade Knives products. Check out our wonderful collection of amazing Marbles Fixed Blade Knives by Marbles Outdoors Knives which are available in a wide variety of designs.

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The Marble's Exhibition Grade Brown Checkered Bone Lockback Folding Knife features a 2.87" stainless steel clip point blade with a match strike pull, a blade etch, and a satin finish. The handles are brown checkered bone with brass liners, nickel silver pins, ringed nickel silver bolsters, a brass lanyard tube, and a special Marble's bullet shield.

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Some notable dates: 1902 - British Army adopts Marbles No. 3 Safety Pocket Axes. 1916 - British government buys Marble's hunting knives for Army issue. 1927 - Charles Lindbergh carries Marble's knife, compass, and matchbox on first solo transatlantic flight. 1958 - Marble Arms Corporation sells 500 Pilot Survival knives to U.S. Navy and.

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Marbles Toothpick Green Jigged Bone Folding Stainless Clip Pt Pocket Knife 629. $ 2195 Save $ 2. Marbles Large Lockback Swing Guard Black Stag Bone Folding Stainless Knife 482. $ 2395 Save $ 4. Marbles Yankee 16" Black & Orange Synthetic EN-9 Steel Head Axe 660. $ 3995. Marbles Yankee 15.5" Black & Orange Synthetic EN-9 Steel Head Axe 659. $ 3995.